Pizza Cannabis, Delicious Food at a Time Create Drugs

Pizza Cannabis, Delicious Food at a Time Create Drugs

A pharmacy in the state of the United States, Massachusetts, serves pizza with marijuana content. The pharmacy is indeed specialized in making pizza with marijuana content as one of the treatment. Reporting from Time, a pharmacy named Ermont Inc. is one place for patients who need cannabis in the treatment. However, the thin pizza is only sized for one person. Read more Florida Marijuana Doctor

The pharmacist-manager, Seth Yaffe, said the pizza-making was based on requests from a number of patients. They want more savory food to avoid sugar because usually the marijuana infusion is put on candy or fruit. The existence of the pizza became popular. Usually, patients such as litany disease, chronic illness due to opioid addiction to the side effects of chemotherapy choose to consume the pizza. Read more Doctors in Florida

“We found that patients want the food they eat on a normal day, we want to do something that is considered a complete food,” he said. Yaffe, who once worked at a restaurant, said he tried a number of variants that can be combined with the marijuana fluid. A number of variants such as hot chocolate, vegan mayonnaise, and peaches. Read more Marijuana Doctors in Florida

One can get the pizza for $ 38. The six-inch pizza has cheese and contains 125 milligrams of THC in tomato sauce. The dose of marijuana is said to be moderate enough to treat one person.

So far, in a day there are about 200 to 400 patients who buy the pizza.

However, the pizza is not sold freely. Patients should have a medical alert card issued by the government as a sign if he consumes marijuana as a treatment. Patients with the card will be allowed to bring the small pizza to take home.

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